Tuesday, February 1, 2011

GwtAI 0.3

After many years, literally after many years, I managed to make a new release of the GwtAI project. The release is mainly about GWT 2.X compatibility and additionally contains some bugfixes. The JarLinker feature is worth mentioning, check out the API and GwtAI demos to see how to use it. The JarLinker is a neat way to use the GWT tool chain to spit out the resources (Jar file...) required to start your Applet in the browser. For big projects with lot's of dependencies it is probably easier to create the required resources with Ant or Maven.

Thanks to Michael Krog for helping with the project. He is working on some cool stuff for our next release. And also many thanks to the people on the Google Group who do help with support.

Download GwtAI 0.3 from its Google Project Hosting site...

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