Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More about the idea

True to the motto 'user generated content' everybody in the 'word wide web' acts as an active editor. Either by having an own webpage or blog, by sharing bookmarks and joining chatrooms or forums. All the more it becomes interesting what happens to the content we make available in the internet. Don't you ever wonder how often and from where your contributions are accessed? resolves this concern. Once an URL is registered at it is on a watch. This means that you can monitor whether an URL you have sent by email or posted to a form is accessed or not. The recorded access data allows analysis about the when and from where the accesses have taken place. Thereby one can estimate how interesting an URL is to the users and whether the URL has been forwarded.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hello world

A couple of months ago I decided to have a look at the Google Web Toolkit. GWT claims to be an framework that makes writing AJAX applications easy. In this blog I am going to tell the reader about my experiences with GWT and about the progress of my project.

To create another YouTube imitation is no fun. So I was in need of an idea. I maintain a website for a club with a list of events and appointments. Every once in a while I sent an email to all members of the club containing a link to this list. Alas I never know whether the recipients click on the link and access the updated list. There are some statistics on the webserver, but these are global data. I want some specific information about the URL I used in my email. I know about some redirection services, e.g., but non of them can do that. Bingo, there is the idea I have been looking for...

In the last weeks I have been writting a lot of code, obtained a domain name and unsealed my creation.