Saturday, September 27, 2008

Traceurl new functionality

Finally after months of promises I made an update of the website. Now you can upload documents and trace accesses to this documents. The documents are stored in the very popular service. The new functionality is not yet finished and should be considered as beta. If you run into problems please let me know...

Friday, September 19, 2008

GwtAI - 0.1

Over the last weekend, I have finally made a first release of GwtAI. The project is still in an very early stage, but I got a couple of emails from people all over the world with questions and ideas. So I thought it is time to make something available for those who don't can or want to build GwtAI from SVN. The Applet integration and communication stuff is quite stable and already useful. The tray integration stuff does not yet work on all platforms. I have to read up and do some more tests with JDIC to get it to work on Linux and Mac.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Herbstcampus 2008

A couple of hours ago, I arrived in N├╝rnberg at the Herbstcampus Java conference. The conference is mixed with .Net guys so this promises to be interesting. I'll probably not gonna listen to a lot of .Net talks, still to get some impression from 'the other' (a almost said the 'dark') side may be enlightening. Tomorrow afternoon I am going to give my GWT talk again. Of course I had changed and improved it a bit. The talk is somewhat longer than the one from the Jazoon and I made a completely new demo application. I'll post the code and the presentation on my homepage later on...