Saturday, December 15, 2007

Javapolis 2007 roundup

I'm back from the Javapolis 2007 conference. I had a great time over there in Antwerp. I have attended many interesting talks about Java, JSRs, GWT, Scala, methodology, testing and many more Java related topics. The Java Puzzlers by Neal Gafter and Joshua Bloch was the best (fun, interactive and informative) talk in my opinion. During and between the talks there were many discussions about different JSRs and the future of Java in general. To listen and talk to some of the greatest minds in the Java world was really enlightening. Another highlight was the Java Posse Live session, if you don't yet now the Javaposse podcast you have to check it out!

I have also met some people from the GWT community. Maarten Volders (Thanx for lunch!), Luc Claes and the two speaker of the Google Web Toolkit talk Didier Girard and Dick Wall.

I really hope I can be there in 2008!