Friday, July 3, 2009

Jazoon 2009 presentation slides available

The Jazoon team has published the presentation slides of this year's conference on the Jazoon homepage. So the slides of my GWT talk are now available for download.

They have also uploaded tons of photos to flickr.

Monday, June 22, 2009

GWT at Jazoon 2009

My GWT session at the Jazoon conference is scheduled at June 23th at 11:00am. At this talk I will not cover typical visual concepts like widgets, layouts and styles but I will give an in-depth view on the true force that is driving GWT. The Deferred binding mechanism and the new Linkers subsystem.

There is a second GWT related talk, right after my session in the same arena. The talk by Ferda Tartanoglu is about Seam integration with GWT.

See the complete presentation program and speakers's list.

Friday, May 29, 2009


TVizFX started as a learning project, and I have finally submitted it for the JavaFX Coding Challenge. TVizFX it is by no means complete, but yesterday was the challenge deadline so I had to submit what I got so far...

TVizFX visualizes your Twitter network in diagrams. Currently only a tree layout is supported, but more layouts, such as circular or organic layouts, will be added soon. You can zoom nodes and drag nodes freely. Tweets are faded in above the user's node in the diagram.

Go have a look...

JavaFX 1.1

I wrote a small (relatively) JavaFX application using the public Twitter API. As mentioned earlier JavaFX runs fine under Linux although it is not yet officially supported.

I have been using Eclipse for many years. Which means I'm a total Netbeans newbie, but Netbeans generally behaved and I found my way around pretty well. Though the support for JavaFX in Netbeans is not as good as other language support in NetBeans.

The thing I am missing the most in JavaFX are some kind of good component libraries. Chances are good, that the next version is going to solve that one. JavaOne may brings some new things...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Traceurl API

I got a request about a public API (Application programming interface) for I already had simple API used by my own Google-Gagdet. The API provides a set of operations to directly access the services. It is based on simple HTTP GET requests and returns data in the JSON format.

I wrote short document and some examples, so if you're interested in developing a widget or to integrate into your application please drop me an email and I'll happily provide the documentation.