Thursday, November 20, 2008

GwtAI - 0.2

I have made a second release of the GwtAI project. Besides some minor bug fixes it now contains a couple of new parameters:
  • The LoadingImage parameter sets a custom loading image for the applet. The custom image replaces the default animation that is show during applet loading.

  • The SeparateJVM parameter specifies that the applet should run in its own JVM instance (Java Plug-In >= 1.6.0_10 only).

  • The JavaArguments can be used to pass JVM command-line arguments to the applet instance (Java Plug-In >= 1.6.0_10 only).

  • The JavaVersion parameter specifies which JRE version is required to launch the applet (Java Plug-In >= 1.6.0_10 only).

In addition to the new functionality I have separated the core and demo code into two different Eclipse projects. That makes building GwtAI much easier.

Thanks to all the people who have sent me feedback and suggestions!!!